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Admit it.  You've always wondered about the white building across the street from the Town Library and Hall on Route 32 in Swanzey.  You drive by it every day, sometimes twice a day,  and allow it a fleeting moment in your thoughts before it disappears in your rearview mirror.    


You're not alone!  An informal poll of Swanzey residents indicates that there is a great deal of mystery surrounding the Golden Rod Grange No. 114, but wonder no more.  

As often as possible, the SWANZEY PRESERVATION SOCIETY seeks to open the doors to the Grange so that the public may learn about the history of the structure and reconnect with it as a center of community activity.  

Swanzey has seen much development in recent years, perhaps to the point that the sense of a deeply rooted community is compromised; however, the good news is that the restoration and preservation of classic buildings means a greater emphasis on the roots of the community.  Such work focuses on the people who use these spaces, as well as the identity and culture of the places in which they exist.  

Historic buildings - often more economical and environmentally sustainable - lend character to their communities as they serve in practical new ways. 

Be on the lookout for several events in the upcoming year as we open the doors of the Grange to the public!

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