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On Saturday, May 18, the SWANZEY PRESERVATION SOCIETY opened the doors of the Golden Rod Grange No. 114 to the public. This free event was an opportunity for members of the community to come together to learn and to play.  

As such, events included expert tours of the building by Lillian Chirichella, Joan Hagar, and Jodi Turner, as well as activities such as pie eating and coloring contests. The coloring contest was offered to Swanzey elementary school students in grades K-6. Congratulations to the Coloring Contest Winners: first place, Lenina (12); second place, Kaitlynn (11); third place, Marshall (10); fourth place, Malina (8); fifth place, Keegan (5); and sixth place, Sawyer.  Very popular this year was a rousing skillet toss competition, spirited enough that several rematches for 2020 have already been declared! Prizes were donated by Secord’s Creamy Cone, Sarah’s Windsock Garden, the Cheshire Horse, and Twinkle Town Mini-Golf, all business in Swanzey. Additionally, the crowd was treated to a performance by Monadnock High School senior Tyler Nash who many have seen in local stage productions for years. The first 25 visitors who completed a four-square card by visiting four of the many stations, received a commemorative Grange Day button featuring the work of local folk artist, Tim Campbell.

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Open Doors
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Custom Made Donation Box
Skillet Toss
Skillet Toss
Skillet Toss
Pie Eating
Pie Eating
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Lions Club Duck Race
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