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The northern end of the first floor has an eleven-foot-wide stairhall that passes through the building from the exterior door at the northeast corner of the building to the privies at the northwest corner.  The staircase, built of southern yellow pine and furnished with square balusters and posts reminiscent of the Craftsman style, rises to the second floor along the northern wall of the stairhall.

ALL PHOTOS:  Alexander Minickiello


A single room, measuring about thirty-seven by thirty-two feet, occupies the central portion of the first story. Used as a meeting room and a dining room, this hall is finished with square-edged door and window casings of longleaf southern yellow pine, a quartersawn floor of the same material, and a ceiling of gypsum or composition board. Four columns, arranged in pairs and cased with southern yellow pine, rise through this hall to support principal girders of the floor of a lodge room above. The first-floor hall is accessible from the outdoors through the double doorway in the center of the facade, and from the stairhall at the north through a single interior doorway.


The southern end of the first story is occupied by a kitchen measuring about twelve by thirty-two feet.  The upper walls and ceiling of the kitchen project up into the space below a second-floor stage; the ceiling of the kitchen is this some two feet higher than that of the other first floor rooms, providing some relief from the heat in the days when a woodburning range was used for cooking. Two five-paneled pine doors connect the kitchen with the dining room in the center of the first floor; between these doors is an opening in the wall with a hinged table that folds down to provide a connection between the kitchen and dining room.  Below this opening is a counter with drawers; other counters line much of the perimeter of the kitchen.  At the northwest corner of the kitchen in a single-flue brick chimney for the cooking range, and below the floor in this area is a fifty-foot brick well, now disused, that supplied water to a sink in the southwest corner of the room.   

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