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It is the vision of the SWANZEY PRESERVATION SOCIETY to realize the restoration and preservation of GOLDEN ROD GRANGE No. 114 in Swanzey, New Hampshire. 

Since foundation and first story improvements were completed in the 1990s, limited maintenance and preservation work has been completed on the Grange building.  The Town of Swanzey is concerned that if maintenance and structural issues are not completed in the near future, the building will fall into great disrepair and require more expensive rehabilitation work.


In an effort to stave off the avoidable expense due to delayed action, the Society is partnering with the Town of Swanzey to secure grant funding and charitable donations for identified renovation and preservation needs.  

Presently, the building has no heating, septic, or plumbing systems, and as such, is primarily used to house town artifacts.  It is anticipated that the rehabilitation work will allow the Town to use the building for several possible purposes, including, but not limited to, Town offices and meeting space, community activities, recreational programming, and as a gathering space for local organizations, including a local library and two nearby schools.  The Town has limited space for non-sport recreational programming; however, creating a dedicated space for these activities would allow for the design of activities that benefit the mental and physical health of the community. Like many rural communities, the Town seeks to provide services that keep current residents while attracting new residents.  The Society and Town are united in the belief that the restoration and preservation of Golden Rod Grange No. 114 will significantly and positively impact the quality of life for each of Swanzey's 7,200 residents.  To this end, the community will be engaged during the work funded by this grant to identify concrete uses for the building.

If you are interested in joining the Swanzey Preservation Society in its efforts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

                          Visit the Town of Swanzey's website!

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